Well, I took 4 Uber rides this weekend. So ... yikes.

This study goes for both Lyft and Uber. It isn't just the car in general though, specifically, it's the backseat. I know a group of four of us walked up to the car this weekend had the classic, "Who's going to sit in front?" debate.

I of course said I wanted the backseat. Well, now I know that next time I should be calling dibs on the front seat ahead of time. WFLA details -

That's according to a study by insurance company Netquote, which says the average rideshare vehicle has about 219 times as many germs as the average taxi, which is cleaned regularly. Analysts say rideshare vehicles are also nearly three times dirtier than the average toothbrush holder, and more than 35,000 times germier than the average toilet seat.

Where are those germs? The study found that most germs on rideshare vehicles are on the window buttons and seatbelts.

This is why I never leave the house without hand sanitizer. So remember to call shotgun next time you call an Uber or a Lyft!

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