Is your 2020 goal to get in shape and start working out more? Well, it turns out it's as easy as going to the movies ... kind of. According to a new study, a trip to the movie theater is just as good for your heart as a trip the gym.

I know what you're thinking ... there's no way. But it's true! According to WTVO -

They studied more than 50 people wearing biometric sensors to track their heart rate all while watching the 2019 live-action remake of “Aladdin.” For about 45 minutes of the movie, the viewers’ heart rates rose 40% to 80% higher than the maximum normal resting heart rate, the researchers discovered. Researchers found that the participants’ heart rates during the two-hour movie were in a zone similar to light exercise. That’s the equivalent to taking a brisk walk or gardening, researchers said.

So it's not like going to the movies can replace a 3 mile run by any means. But it does count for something! WTVO also details one more benefit of going to the movies -

Researchers said going to the movies is also good for you because it allows you to “disconnect” from other things that may be on your mind.

I just need to know if a large popcorn and ICEE cancel the whole benefit out? Asking for a friend.

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