A conversation about the almighty Grasshopper had me thinking about the cocktails you must have when dining at a supper club.

Supper club nights are always a good time. These special restaurants only do supper; no breakfast or lunch. Only doing evening meals means the bar will be busy. No disrespect to the young mixologists but there's nothing like an old-fashioned made by an old guy behind the bar. Some fish fry on a Friday night or some prime rib on a Saturday night, with an old-fashioned, then for dessert, it's the quintessential supper club cocktail called...

The Grasshopper

This minty ice cream drink, made with green crème de menthe, white crème de cacao and heavy cream, is a MUST HAVE after dinner treat. The picture below is the grasshopper from Benedetti's Supper Club in Beloit, WI.


Brandy Alexander

This cocktail, like the grasshopper, is perfect for after dinner. It's a bit stronger too, made with a mixture of cognac, heavy cream (or ice cream) and dark crème de cacao. Another monster cocktail from Benedetti's Supper Club in Beloit, WI.

Berta Eddy via Facebook

The Pink Squirrel

This cocktail is a creamy, pink cocktail with the flavors of almond and chocolate. It is made with crème de noyaux, white crème de cacao and heavy cream (or, ice cream). Below, is another creation from Benedetti's.

Benedetti's Super Club via Facebook

Tom Collins

A little lighter and more refreshing. A Tom Collins is a mixture of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda, and is garnished with lemons.

favecipes4u via Facebook

Brandy Old Fashioned

The cocktail is made pretty much the same as a standard Old Fashioned, but you substitute your favorite brandy for the whiskey, and use 7 Up or Sprite to top instead of soda water. You’ll use bitters and muddled oranges and maraschino cherries to add to the sweetness. My favorite variation of this drink is to use Southern Comfort instead of brandy.

Dan Caruana via Facebook

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