There's been a lot of chatter in the 815 over the appearance of Dustin Diamond last week; he's been popping up at banks and grocery stores and it had us wondering where else he'd been.

According to Dan Block of Insurance King, he's been at Bonza Media in Rockford to film commercials for the low cost car insurance company.

In the commercials, Diamond will star at the Insurance Geek, a character inspired by Block's brother, Dave. Block wanted to bring back a recurring character to his super creative spots and he thought it would be funny to star an actual well known geek.

Meet the original geek.

Diamond will get a new look and he's even bringing some friends. See if you can spot them in this first behind-the-scenes look at his commercial for the Insurance King.

Block was blown away with Bonza Media's work on this campaign, from the Hollywood set design (which they created and built themselves) to the video production, everything was just stellar; and to top it all off, it was done right here in Rockford.

Much more will be done, too; Diamond will be returning in May to film more scenes, but we'll have to wait until 2019 to see the finished product.

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