Whatever has got you 'woe is me'-ing, can probably be cured with the newest $5 wine at Target.

Target is my home.

Well other than my apartment or my parents' house, but like I spend just as much time at Target. I'm a Millennial after all.

And Milennials love Target, and wine, and pink wine that costs just $5.

Enter Target's latest addition to the California Roots wine line, California Roots Rosé.

Did I mention it's pink and only $5 for the whole bottle?

I know. It's probably going to sell out  in the first hour it hits shelves.

When will that happen? Pretty soon!

The Rosé hits Target this Sunday, April 8.

I've tried a few of the California Roots $5 wines already and they are for sure worth the cash so as long as the Rosé is there the next time I'm hanging out in the Tar-gey wine aisles I will pick up a bottle or four.

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