Congratulations to our latest teacher of the week, Mrs. Englekes from Jean McNair Elementary School in Winnebago.

Mrs. Englekes scored beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones.

The winning nomination came from Samantha Wright. Samantha says:

My child, Sara, is sick frequently, as a working mom I have to send her to school even if she is not 100%. While I am working I am uneasy knowing my child is not well, Mrs. Engleskes gets an email from me with my concern as a head’s up and as a plea “please look out for my baby”. She promptly replies with a message that she will gladly take my child under her wing. She refers to my child as a keeper, an angel, and a doll. It is a relief to know that my child will be cared for with such compassion and empathy. Mrs. Englekes never gets upset about preparing homework for Sara or corresponding with my peskiness.

Sara did not like school much before she entered this particular 3rd grade class. Many times she goes to class sick, but Sara doesn’t like to miss because Mrs. Englekes is such a wonderful teacher. She makes students feel like they belong and is patient with learners of all kinds. She hugs her students, and shows radiates warmth.

Mrs. Englekes is a keeper, an angel, and a doll. I can’t thank her enough for the genuineness and kindness she has displayed toward my child and family.
I wholeheartedly nominate Kathi Engelkes at Jean McNair Elementary School in Winnebago, IL as teacher of the week.

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