Congratulations to 97ZOK's latest Teacher of the Week.

The honors this week go to Mrs. Jen Fausett from Rock Cut Elementary School.

Mrs. Fausett was nominated for the award by one her student's mothers Liz Romero. She writes:

Mrs. Fausett is my son, Zander Romero’s 6th grade teacher at Rock Cut Elementary. Zander has ADHD as well as being a typical energetic 12-year-old boy. He can be a handful and is not a student for the faint of heart! Mrs. Fausett handles Zander amazingly well, often better than even I would. She embraces the characteristics of her students that make them unique and uses them to build lasting relationships. She doesn’t only focus on her student’s struggles, but instead finds their strengths and builds upon them. She has built a classroom environment where Zander feels safe and comfortable to try hard new things without fear of being ridiculed or made fun of.

Mrs. Fausett’s curriculum is rigorous, but she puts scaffolds in place to ensure that all learners can be successful. She is also compassionate and understanding and fiercely supports and stands up for her students. Zander says that he likes Mrs. Fausett because she is nice, funny, and “gets him.”  For the first time in several years Zander asked me, “How many more days of spring break do we have, I want to go back to school!” Wow, that says something doesn’t it?

We are blessed that Mrs. Fausett is the teacher that is preparing Zander for middle school. She is the only “Packer fan” I would want Zander to have for a 6th grade teacher.  This is the fifth or sixth time I have nominated Mrs. Fausett, good thing I'm persistent.

Mrs. Fausett scored goodies from Nothing Bundt CakesBroadway Florist, and Oriental Trading Company.

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