Congratulations to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Toldo from St. Bridget School.

Mrs. Toldo scored beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and an amazing cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, our brand new ‘Teacher of the Week’ partner.

The winning nomination came from Andre Ongtengco, Andre writes:

I've been to two schools so I know around 7 teachers. I'm a kid who hates, hates, Hates school! If there was a paper that said, ”Wwhat was your favorite part of going to school?”, I would say nothing!

Mrs. Toldo made the school year fun. And when I thought there was no way I would like school I finally found meaning in school. To have fun and to learn. I just started 5th grade and I'm still thinking about Mrs. Toldo and how it was a great year. Sorry to say it but know I hate school again and I know hates a strong word
Now I'd rather be sick than go to school. But in 4th grade I wanted to go to school. Mrs. Toldo was good at teaching where it was fun. She was so nice and an AMAZING teacher, what a great combo.
I wish I could go back to 4th grade. She helped me with answers I did not understand and reviewed it with me. I don't think she knew how good of a teacher she is.

The first day of school in 5th grade after school I wanted to tell her how good of a teacher she was. So I talked to her and she said that I might not think that she is the best teacher when the school year ends because there are also good teachers in our school. But in my heart that there was no better teacher than Mrs Toldo.


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