Teachers are truly amazing educators in our community.  Not only can teachers be found inside a classroom, they could actually be the person who teaches you how to safely cross the street!

Every week, parents, students, and family of educators in the Stateline write in to our station to nominate their favorite teachers.  Some of the letters we receive are so tear-jerking.

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This week, a general program aid and crossing guard is being recognized for being the "heart" of the school for 26 years.  Her dedication to keeping students safe is so appreciated.

Congratulations to 97ZOK Teacher Of The Week

Susan Arlow from Windsor Elementary in Loves Park.

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Susan was nominated by her daughter.  The letter is so sweet:

"I want to nominate my mother, Susan Arlow. I know usually you do teachers, but she is a general program aid and crossing guard. She spends almost as much time with the kids as teachers do. She has been working for the school for 26 years. She started as the guard the year I went to middle school. Then in 2001 she became a GPA too.


I think she should be recognized for the amount of work she has done. Though she is retiring this year she has only called in sick a handful of days.  I know that everyone at Windsor would agree with me that she is the hardest worker they have and the heart of the school. Even when times were tough, she never called out."

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"Over the years she has watched the students grow and become successful and they always come back to see her.  While it may take her time to remember them, she loves to see them all grown up. My mom has given 26 years of her life to that school and even though she is retiring she would still do anything for Windsor.


Everyone there will be sad to see her go but she is eager to spend time with her grandchildren.  This is why I am asking to recognize her because even though she isn't a teacher she teaches the kids something new every day.

"Olivia knows she can talk to her teacher about anything, and I am so thankful that she has an amazing person in her life to teach her how to embrace her emotions and turn them into positive feelings."

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What a way to celebrate Susan's final year at Windsor Elementary!  If you have a teacher in your life who deserves some recognition because they're just that incredible at what they do, tell us about them - we want to shower them with gifts!

As Teacher of the Week, Susan was surprised with a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and money to spend at WM Day Spa Salon.

Click HERE to nominate your favorite for 97ZOK's Teacher of the Week.

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