Have you heard of Hello Fresh? It was news to me until a couple of weeks ago, and it completely changed the way I look at food delivery service.

Hello Fresh is part of the new and trendy, fresh delivery ingredients wave, where kind of like Blue Apron, they send you everything you need to make a great meal at home.

I never heard of them until my wife decided to order up Hello Fresh on a whim. Which I wouldn't have minded until I realized I was the one who was going to make the Hello Fresh meals.

The idea sounds super easy, you pick out which meals sound good and they send you everything you need to make the dinner.

What could go wrong? Add the ingredients together and you're sitting down eating a delicious meal. Instead I found myself picking apart Rosemary, cutting potato wedges and mixing Balsamic Vinegar with sugar.

Those are just three small things that overall made making Hello Fresh meals absolutely miserable for me.

Small backstory, I've already mentioned that I'm married, but also a father of three kids, all boys. Ranging in age from 11 to one-year-old.

That being said, after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is convince the kids to eat something Hello Fresh sent along.

My wife already knew that so she only ordered enough ingredients for two.

That's fine, because my wife and I could be the test dummies to see if Hello Fresh would be something that we could introduce to the entire family.

After cutting and chopping and sautéing, and using teeny tiny bottles of saucy ingredients to make a fresh gourmet meal, it was finally time to eat.

The end result is certainly passable but not quite enough to get over the amount of time it took me to make the meals. Not to mention, Hello Fresh included vegetables that needed chopping while some were pre-chopped and sealed along with requests to add my own ingredients.

That said, there's a certain unevenness that goes into cooking with Hello Fresh and that was the toughest thing to get over. I expected a much more even experience but what I got was that feeling that I needed chef level skills to pull the meals off successfully.

After making all three meals, I made sure to tell my wife to cancel Hello Fresh. She did, but it was too late, we got three more meals the next day.

I politely asked my wife to make those meals, because I had retired from Hello Fresh meal making forever.


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