We do many amazing things in the Forest City. But at least one of things we do better than anywhere else is not a good thing.

I've lived in Rockford for 23 years and prior to moving here, I'd lived in Springfield, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia and North Carolina. There are several things that I believe Rockford really does do better than anywhere else. Clearly these are my opinions, and just like music, it's a completely subjective thing. You like what you like and I like what I like.

The 5 Things Rockford Does Better Than Anywhere Else

1. We do PARKS better than anywhere. There are so many beautiful parks to play in, or just let time slip away walking, biking or just lying on a blanket.

The 4 Things Rockford Does Better Than Anywhere Else

2. We do PIZZA better than anywhere. OK, Chicago may have almost every American city beat here, but no other city the size of Rockford does pizza better. Don't believe me? Take a look at this.

3. We do CHURCH better than anywhere. When I moved here, someone told me Rockford had more churches than streetlights. No matter whom you choose or how you choose to worship, in this city, you'll probably find a place to do it in. Maybe even two.

4. We do POTHOLES better than anywhere. And when I say that, I don't mean we have more than any other city (which quite possibly we do), what I mean is that we know how to navigate around them better than anybody. To a new Rockford police officer, our erratic driving may resemble that of a drunk driver, but a veteran Rockford officer knows it's just us trying to avoid car damage.

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