Some owners choose to base their businesses' names on clever puns. Whether it is a marketing ploy an attempt to show off their sense of humor, these names certainly stand out.

Atlas Obscura has developed "the ultimate crowdsourced map of punny businesses in America." The map is based on more than 3,000 submissions from users.

Here are the five best punny business names in the Rockford area.

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    Mary's Shear Artistry

    This Roscoe business' name is shear perfection when it comes to a moniker for a hair salon

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    Fur The Love Of Dogs

    Fur The Love of Dogs in Spring Grove might be a little bit of a drive from Rockford, but a good pun is worth the extra effort.

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    Wooden It Be Nice

    This Belvidere business specializes in furniture repairs. Repairing wood furniture is probably their thing with a name like that.

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    Al Smith's Saloon

    There's no telling if Al was thinking about the acronym for his saloon in East Troy, Wis., when he named it. At least it doesn't say A.S.S. on the sign.

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    Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions

    This Janesville, Wis., businesses' name might not seem like a pun at first, but you'll likely figure it out after visiting their website. On the site they go by WTF? Technical Solutions. If you've ever had a series tech issue, you've likely asked yourself "WTF."