Will you accept this rose?

The Bachelor has been giving out roses and breaking hearts since I was in high school and now they've managed to make a traveling production about the dating TV show.


That's definitely the questions I had when I saw that 'The Bachelor' is coming to the Midwest.

How can you take a dating TV show and put it on stage?

According to their website, previous Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants host the show and they literally do find a date for someone in the area during the show.

In order to be part of the show and possibly score a new love interest, you have to apply ahead of time at BachelorLiveOnStage.com

A man from the area will be the Bachelor, sorry ladies, you can only compete in this show, you can't have guys competing for you.

You don't need to have a ticket in order to apply to be part of the show, bur of course you might not be chosen so in order to have a seat you'll have to buy one.

I kind of want to go.

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