It was one of the busiest weekends of the year so far for movies and something was missing.

The something missing was the concession stands at AMC Showplace 16, 8301 East State Street. Sure they have the main concession stand by the entrance but what about the stands that have been empty since, like forever?

Seriously, have you ever seen the side concession stands open? I've been going to Showplace 16 as long as it's been open and I can't remember if those specific concession stands have ever been functional.

Not sure why either. It was incredibly busy yesterday at Showplace 16, just like it was all weekend. I mean, Avengers: Infinity War just opened, there was going to be a demand all over for popcorn, and candy, yet it was still closed. So instead of waiting in line forever, I opted out. If there was a shorter line, I would've bought some stuff.

Best guess, it's a staffing issue, but when AMC Showplace 16 is adding showings of the most popular movie of the weekend on the fly, which they were, it only makes sense to have all concession stands open.

The only thing more mystifying than the side concession stands constantly closed is the ending of Infinity War. I have a feeling we'll get answers to the questions left at the end of the movie before we see one of those two stands open.

Do you have any idea why the side concession stands are never open? Let us know!

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