Weekends are going to feel a little different for young teens who regularly catch an in-theater movie in Rockford thanks to a new rule at AMC 16.

(Some of the reactions to this change, which you will find below, are disappointing, to say the least.)


AMC 16, in Rockford, Illinois, is no stranger to incidents going as far back as nearly 15 years when a gun was fired in the parking lots, according to a local news report.

Since then, two people have been shot in the parking lot in the same incident and, most recently, a large fight took place in the lobby.

This new rule change, effective immediately, is likely related to the aforementioned incidents.

Ryan McVay

Unless a movie-goer 16-years-old or younger is with a guardian 21 or older they won't be allowed in the theater.

The rule, which went into effect this week, applies on Friday and Saturdays, restricts admittance of teens 16-and-under unless accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.

There has been no mention of this rule being out in place at AMC 14 in Machesney Park, Illinois.

Some of the comments on social media regarding this news are interesting.

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Fair enough, one bad apple can spoil a bunch... and so can several.

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I mean, I went to movies as a young teen and it wasn't for the purpose of my parents needing a sitter.

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Fair enough.

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Definitely is to agree with.

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Whose, the movie theater or the teens?

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Valid point right there.

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A bit much, but ok.

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Irrelevant to the rule change but, ok dude.

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