If you've never been to a Bulls game or aren't a fan of the team you might not be aware of this promotion. It's been a long standing tradition that fans look forward to every game. If the Chicago Bulls scored more than 100 points you could bring your ticket to a McDonald's and get a free Big Mac. Well, the 20 year streak of getting a free meal after the game has come to an end.

But fear not, a Midwestern favorite is swooping in to keep the free food coming. The one and only Portillo's Hot Dogs. McDonald’s decided in the offseason to scale back its relationship with the Bulls. So how is Portillo's going to carry on the tradition?  The Chicago Tribune details -

The Portillo’s deal rewards fans with a free hot dog, but it requires a much more specific event: The opposing team needs to miss two consecutive free throws in the fourth quarter. Portillo’s and the Bulls are calling the new promotion Fourth Quarter Franks; the deal kicks off Friday, Nov. 23, with the Bulls’ game against the Miami Heat.


The Bulls hope the promotion will help keep fans riled up in the fourth quarter. The Chicago Tribune details -

Bulls fans have 48 hours after the game to bring their ticket stubs to a Portillo’s for the Fourth Quarter Franks deal. It can only be redeemed at Portillo’s locations in Illinois and Merrillville, Ind.

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