If your New Year's resolution was to continue eating as you were in 2019, then you probably should check this out.

If your New Year's resolution was to eat healthy for a few days and take the weekend off like me you'd also want to see this.

Next to macaroni and cheese, only biscuits and gravy come close to what I would qualify as the ultimate in comfort food.

There's something about a warm fluffy biscuit (or two) smothered in delicious sausage gravy that makes me glad to be alive, especially around this time of year.

While you can make your own at home, I believe the best food is usually the food you don't have to make, and when I saw this on Reddit I just knew I needed to find out for myself.

Trip Advisor only listed one restaurant in Rockford as having "the best biscuits and gravy," the Machine Shed at 7475 East State Street.

Enlisting Yelp for some help, I tried to find the five restaurants with the best biscuits and gravy in Rockford.

Here's what Yelp gave me:

  1. Magpie, 126 North Madison Street
  2. Johnny Pamcakes, 3700 East State Street
  3. Eggsclusive Cafe, 7105 Cherryvale N Boulevard
  4. Command Post, 1004 Samuelson Road
  5. Lydia's Cafe, 1710 Rural Street

Is a favorite of yours missing? What restaurant do you think has the best biscuits and gravy in Rockford?

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