If your commute includes driving through some of Rockford's most frustrating intersections I feel your pain.

I also drive through Rockford daily and every. single. day. I deal with the same lights.

Why? I have heard differing opinions. Well, the most entertaining theory I've heard and I'll share with you, is that the timing for the lights is off. As in, they aren't synced up properly.

I can't confirm that theory but there is definitely something up with a majority of the traffic signals in this town.

Counting down from "bad" to the absolute "worst," here are the most frustrating intersections in Rockford.


In case you haven't figured it out, my daily commute includes driving north on Alpine Road.

It's terrible. I've figured out other ways around Alpine but honestly, it adds to the commute.

That said, I've done it on days when I just can't bear hitting every light on Alpine on the way into the studio.

What do you think is the worst intersection in Rockford? Do you agree with Alpine and East State? Is it somewhere else in town?

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