By now there's a very good chance that you've seen frozen people popping up in your Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook news feed, and you might have asked yourself, "why are these people just standing around doing nothing with a stoic look on their faces?"

No, it wasn't a video of millions of Americans staring at their TVs in shock after last night's presidential election, although that would be pretty cool; what you're witnessing is the internet's newest viral challenge, the Mannequin Challenge.

According to E!, the craze originated with a small group of high school students posing at school. The idea is to gather a group of people and pose as mannequins doing everyday tasks like hanging out in the office, watching a sporting events (or elections) and working out.

Here's some great examples:

Well, you know how I do, I like to try things and the mannequin challenge is no exception, so, I tried it with my workout buddies at Vici. Can you spot me?

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