Can we talk about wedding proposals for a second? In my opinion, a proposal should be special and include something unique to that couple, and when it's a surprise it's even better. The proposal my now husband set up was a complete surprise and had several sentimental, unique touches that really blew me away.

A wedding proposal doesn't have to be a lavish affair, it just needs to come from the heart, and Jared Spickler of Winnebago, Illinois just knocked it out of the park when he proposed to his high-school sweetheart, Avery Williams.

How a Simple T-Shirt Caused A Viral Proposal Video

This morning I really put my Facebook sleuthing skills to work after noticing a Newsweek article shared in the Winnebago, IL Community Group on Facebook about the engagement of two former Winnebago High School students that just went viral on TikTok, and by viral I mean over 2 million views and counting. Dang! Here's the video everyone is talking about...


@averyaveragestudent currently crying. #proposal #couplegoals #highschool #college #engaged #weddingtiktok ♬ follow notjalenhurts for a kiss - most underrated

How adorable is that?

Now, Newsweek's article did not include the Winnebago couple's names, and I was dying to know, so off to stalking I went. I not only discovered that the happy couple's names are Avery Williams and Jared Spickler, but that they have their own YouTube channel which features their full proposal video and backstory...

Now I'm hooked. Congratulations Avery and Jared! To Jared I have one last thing to say; if you do not wear a shirt under your wedding tux that says "That's My Wife" I will be completely disappointed. You CANNOT mess your streak up!

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