When you hear McDonald's has a vegan option, it's a surprise. It's even more of a surprise when you realize it's something that's been on their menu for years.

First thought has to be the McDonald's fries as the sole menu item without meat. Well, Thrillist says "those crispy sides are infused with natural beef flavor" and something called "milk derivatives."

So fries are out, and if you don't count pop, coffee, apples, and salad without any dressing, the only thing remaining is a Baked Apple Pie.


The ingredients in a Baked Apple Pie include wheat flour, sugar, water, brown sugar, and apples. Of course, there are preservatives in the Baked Apple Pie too. McDonald's listed the entire set of ingredients for the dessert on their website.

McDonald's is also selling Baked  Cherry Pies at the moment. A call to the store could not confirm if those are vegan too.

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