This is honestly one of the more impressive Airbnbs I've ever seen.

It is located in McLean, Illinois, which is about a half hour south of Bloomington,  and is $379 a night (plus fees. Be careful, they can really add up on Airbnb.) And I haven't stopped thinking about it since I ran across it today.

Even without the arcade dungeon, which we will get to in a minute, this is a gorgeous property that would be perfect for a group outing. Take a look:


The kitchen is beautiful. The listing says that it was part of a $70,000 remodel and it shows.

The words "handmade cherry cabinets" were used in the listing as well. Looks great. I don't think I've ever wanted to go on vacation and cook, but this kitchen looks like a joy to work in.

Dining Room/Living Room

A very comfortable looking living room. The listing says that the back wall serves as a projection screen that can be used a a gaming projector. Very cool.

Dining Room is the connection between the kitchen and living room in this open floor plan.


The master bedroom includes a 70 inch TV, walk-in closet, and exit out to a wooden deck.

The second bedroom also has its own bathroom as well as a couch that folds out to a queen-sized bed. It also has an exit to the wooden porch shared with the master bedroom and is honestly a little nicer IMHO than the master bedroom. No walk-in closet, but your on vacation, are you even unpacking your bags?

This is the deck area off the bedrooms that overlooks the city.

The third bedroom is smaller and has no TV BUT, it does have a skylight that's pretty cool.

The Arcade Dungeon

Here's what makes this a great place. The spiral staircase leads you down into a private arcade that's free to play for anyone staying in the townhouse and it's incredible. A lot of old favorites in here.

The listing notes that the games are often swapped out with the Arcade museum that's right next door. That's right, there's a playable arcade museum next door that also looks awesome.

The whole place sleeps 8-10 and would be a great weekend away with the kids, or a group of friends. That breaks down to about 50 bucks a night per person which is a steal no matter how many of the games still work.

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