Rihanna is basically the Queen of everything. That's old news. Her make up line has had a lot going on recently, but other than that Riri hasn't been making headlines too much. So when I saw her name all over the internet I got excited that she might have announced new music. But sadly I was wrong. However, what I found was enough to make up for the disappointment of no new music.

It's that easy. Some are calling it the modern day horoscope which I find so hilarious. So of course I tried it. My birthday is May 27 and let me say Rihanna did not disappoint. Here she is on May 27 -

Rihanna Performs On NBC's "Today" - May 27, 2011
Getty Images

If that isn't a birthday mood then I really don't know what is. So try it for yourself! You literally just have to Google "Rihanna + your birthday" and bingo, you've got your own Rihanna birthday challenge response.

Rihanna really has had outfits on every single day, so I promise you won't be left out.

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