With all of the snow melting and rain on the way, a Stateline city is preparing for potential flooding. The city of Freeport and a local business are taking action so they are ready. After this Winter I think we've all learned that we should be more prepared for extreme whether events. In this case, it's preparing for a flood.

Local business owner Mike Thompson has learned his lesson and wants to make sure his business is prepared for flooding.

Here's what Thompson told WIFR -

Staying prepared is a necessity for life. We switch the sump pumps so that they will now drain across the parking lot above ground and that keeps us high and dry here at UPC.

Thompson is passionate about his sump pumps and says his business would suffer damage without them. Flooding isn't something new for the city of Freeport. Police and fire personnel go door to door to warn residents of the flooding. They understand that not everyone owns a computer and they have to get the news out one way or another.

Here are some important details in case it does flood -

  • Sandbagging stations are set up around town at St Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Krape Park and near the yellow creek area. But Crow says homeowners can be proactive.
  • The city will open lots where people can park their cars if the streets are flooded and workers will check on those who live east of the river.

For more details head here.

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