You know, I was just talking to you yesterday about how Illinois is never on any of the "good" lists.

Again, this is one of those times Illinois made a "bad" list.

According to Forbes, more people are leaving Illinois than only three other states in the US.

Apparently, Illinois' finances are in shambles.

Moody’s has rated Illinois’ credit Baa3—lowest in the country among the states. 'After eight downgrades in as many years, Illinois’ rating is an outlier among states, most of which are rated at least eight notches higher,' according to the report. It is the lowest rating ever for a U.S. state.

Hypothetically speaking if Illinois was a person, would they have to get a co-signer to buy a car? Would Illinois be denied the loan altogether? Would we have to buy a car at a "buy here pay here" place?

Regardless, I love Illinois. It's the state where I was born and spent nearly every day of my life. It looks bleak when you hear some of the stats but there have to be worse states to live in the country, right?

Actually, since Illinois is 4th on the list of states where people are leaving the most, there are three apparently more dreadful.

3. South Dakota
2. West Virginia
1. New York

So there. Those are three states that people want to get out of faster than Illinois. See? We're not the worst. Just the 4th worst.

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