Last weekend, my boyfriend and I thought we'd stretch our legs a bit and take the dogs for a walk; it was so beautiful outside.

Sick of taking them around the neighborhood, we decided to load our pups into the car and treat them to a nice trail walk at Rock Cut State Park.

We weren't there very long, maybe about an hour or so, but that was enough time for each of our dogs to attract a pesky tick; days later I'm still searching for them, just as a precaution.

If I would've known about this new app, I would've taken extra precautions by logging my tick encounter.

According to WMTV in Madison,  there's now a "Tick App" that you can download and track your own encounters with deer ticks.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or live in a wooded area, protect yourself and your pets and download the app; it's available in the Google Play and Apple store.

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