This is one of the tastiest food debates we've had in a long time. French fries have healing powers. Great french fries can turn a bad day completely around.


There is no mood that can't be fixed or enhanced by an order of hot and salty fries. For a quick fry (mood) fix, for me, it's a run through McDonald's drive-thru. My older sister used to take me to McDonald's every other week during my childhood and we'd sit at a table and dip our fries in tartar sauce. This is where my love of french fries began. I love you for this, Wendy. Thank God I got you for a sister.

Where did your love of the french fry begin?

Wherever that love began, it brought us to today's conversation about the best fries you can find in Rockford.

This debate doesn't exclude any places, whether the fries were from fast food-type places or sit-down joints. we just want to know who you think serves Rockford's Best!

Chen Ping-hung
Chen Ping-hung

(there is one place that got more mentions than all the others and you'll find out below)


(201 15th Avenue Rockford, IL)

This place make some really good burgers, but those fries though...

I don't know what they sprinkle on the fries there, but it's possible the good lord above touched it first.


(1603 N Alpine Rd, Rockford, IL )

As one person said, the fries here are "cooked to perfection." They look even more amazing falling out of this burger.


(7029 E State Street Rockford, IL)

At home, I always prefer to make steak fries. I don't have any big reason why, other than the fry has more surface area for seasoning and dip. Plus, at Red Robin, the fry baset is bottomless.


(6551 E Riverside Blvd, Rockford, IL)

Without even tasting these fries, you can tell they have a golden crunchy exterior and soft on the inside.


(Several Rockford area locations)

No fries were mentioned more than cheese fries from Beef A Roo

Did your favorite fries miss the list? We're all about trying some places we've never been to before. Click on the Facebook pst below and add you favorite french fries.

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