Your salad will thank you for buying these croutons, the only problem is they only sell them at one store in the Stateline.

So we're all experimenting when it comes to groceries these days right? I've been ordering everything and that means investigating my favorite foods for new varieiets.

Hi, I'm Michelle and toast and croutons are my favorite foods.

Yeah, I dunno what happened to me as a child either, but I'm in love with toasted bread in large and small sizes.

But, thanks to my crouton obsession, you get introduced to these Texas Toast Honey Butter croutons.

Because of course my first Schnucks delivery I was like reading every single crouton choice.

And I fell in love.

Texas Toast
Texas Toast

I've been known to spend evenings drinking wine on my couch with a bag of honey butters just wondering if this quarantine is really that bad.

Just kidding, it sucks but the croutons help.

The only awful part of this new crouton find... aside from the calorie intake... they're only selling this specific variety of Texas Toast croutons at Schnucks. Like in the entire area.

Other flavors sure... but THE flavor, just Schnucks! So I guess I'm a lifer there now.

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