It looks like the former Ruby Tuesday has officially gone to the "dogs."

That's if you believe the picture shared by davidgoalz on Instagram shared just a few days saying "Dog Haus Rockford, IL is coming along very nice."

If you haven't heard about Dog Haus until recently that's because it's primarily a west coast thing. It looks like the popularity of Dog Haus has allowed franchisee opportunities to expand across the US. There are currently three Dog Haus restaurants about to open in Illinois, Springfield, Chicago and of course, Rockford.

While specializing in hot dogs because it's implied in the name of the restaurant, Dog Haus also offers sausages, burgers, and "Bad Mutha Clucka" chicken.

The big question though, "When will Dog Haus open officially in Rockford?" davidgoalz said, "On schedule to open Saturday, December 9."

If you're a Rockford foodie always looking for the newest, latest and greatest Christmas came 16 days early this year.

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