The most popular concert in the United States is in Chicago this summer, and it might surprise you.

At least it surprised me.

If you told me that the most anticipated concert this summer is in Chicago and asked me to guess what it is, I would say, Lady Gaga.

And then if that was wrong, Billy Joel. Because I'm going to that concert and tickets were expensive!

But nope. Wrong stadium and wrong band.

According to Stubhub and DNA Info, the most anticipated concert of the year is... U2.


Yeah, U2, at Soldier Field.

Maybe when Apple added their album to everyone's iPhone a few years ago, people just got super pumped about U2.

Or maybe, they have a lot of fans. I mean my sister loves them, and I think Steve Shannon does too, I was just pretty surprised.

What concert are you most looking forward to this summer?

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