If you ever drive up and down route 2 from Machesney Park to Rockton you'll often see, out of the corner of your eye, deer roaming the fields along the trees that line the Rock River; and what do you typically do when you see one? You do a double take. It happens every time I'm in the car with my boyfriend and he always slug bug punches me and says, "baby, look a deer. Did you see that?"

Oh I saw it; but never, ever, did I think I would see this- a deer swimming in Lake Michigan. Did you know that deer can swim?

CJ Danner of Edgewater told WGN that he was out for his morning coffee run when he saw the doe swimming along the pier. He quickly grabbed his camera and starting filming. He kept an eye on the deer until it swam to safety nearly 45 minutes later.

The deer finally made it's way to the waterfront where he got a little help from some geese. That's where this story takes an inspiring turn.

Danner explained that the geese swam toward the deer and,

“They kept squawking at it and scaring it or encouraging it – I’m not sure one way or the other. If it wasn’t for [the geese] I don’t know if the deer would have made it up the bank. It’s like nature working together."

Once the deer got up the rocky water front, it safely made it's way across the street and off into a golf course.

What a sight to see. It's not every day you see a deer in the city. I wonder where she came from? What was she looking for?

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