We all enjoyed the 4th of July. Freedom, fireworks, America. Then reality hits.

You have to go to work on Thursday.

The 4th of July in 2018 was on a Wednesday. Quite possibly the worst day of the week.

It's probably the worst day of the week for a holiday. Need proof? No one takes Wednesday off. Like, no one wants to take a vacation day on Wednesday. Why? Because it's the worst.

Besides Wednesday being the worst, Monday is the second worst. This week all of America was treated to what amounted to two Mondays in one week.

When you have two Mondays in one week, this is what happens:

That's an entire vat of pasta sauce all over the base of a fridge. How do I know this? Because it's my pasta sauce and my fridge.

Clean up last night required two towels, not paper towels, but real life bath towels and two more rags. I also needed to bust out q-tips to clean the crevices of the fridge.

That's what happens when you have two Mondays in one week.

Then again, maybe I'm looking at the pasta bowl as only half full. We also get two Fridays.

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