I'll never forget the day I told my boyfriend I really wanted to make spaghetti tacos one night - he looked at me like I was the craziest person alive.

It then occurred to me that he's CLEARLY never seen iCarly. The show recently got put on Netflix and fans were feeling super nostalgic rewatching all of the seasons again. I loved the show when it was on TV. One scene that will ALWAYS stick with me is when they make spaghetti tacos.

If you've never seen the show or the scene, here it is.

But check this out, a year ago Jerry Trainor who plays Spencer on the show gave us a full tutorial on how to make them.

Are you craving one yet? It just sounds SO delicious to me. But still to this day I haven't made my own at home. After scrolling on Instagram, I realized I don't need to make them at home, I can order them right here in Rockford.

Taco Betty's, thank you for this amazing creation that's bringing on so much nostalgia. Now for the grand reveal -

I can't focus on anything besides those incredible looking noodles just pouring out of the crispy taco shell. How amazing do those look? They're definitely way less home-made looking than the one's they make in iCarly.

Honestly, why don't we combine more of our favorite foods? Why not have pizza burgers, or BBQ pasta? I say we just fully indulge in our cravings this year - starting with Taco Betty's spaghetti tacos.


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