Over the weekend my boyfriend and I took a trip down a beautiful stretch of road along the Rock River that takes you to Mount Morris; the windows were rolled down and the sunroof was open; letting the warmth of the sun turn our cheeks a rosey shade of red.  We've been down Illinois Route 2 before, but we never seem to make this drive when the timing is just right.

Jason noticed that some of the leaves on the trees were starting to change color and he was quick to tell me that a drive down this stretch of road was absolutely spectacular when all the leaves had changed from green to stunning reds, yellows, and orange. I reminded him that we tried to see those colors last year but we missed out; by the time we finally made it to Lowden State Park, there was little leaves left to be seen.

So when exactly is the best time to see the leaves at their prettiest? You could wait for all of your friends to start sharing their photos on Instagram and Facebook, or you can use this interactive Fall Foliage Map. The website claims to be your "ultimate visual planning guide to the annual progressive changing of the leaves."

Once you click on the link above, it's very easy to use. Just click on the dates along the bottom of the map and watch the state change color; once it's dark red, that's the peak time for seeing the leaves change on the trees.

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