You're definitely gonna have to take Super Bowl Monday off if Joey Fatone pops out of the floor.

It isn't the Super Bowl with out a halftime performance, and it's not a halftime performance without a drinking game!

Actually this year, I have a feeling you'll enjoy the performance with or without a cocktail, but it's still fun to play.

As always, you fitness fans can turn this into a jumping jacks and push-ups game if you want, I will be playing with (sips of) wine.

Michelle's Justin Timberlake Halftime Show Drinking Game

Take one drink if...

  • Justin Timberlake sings 'Filthy'
  • Justin does a moonwalk like dance step
  • JT mentions how much he loves his wife, Mary Camden. I mean Jessica Biel
  • There is a guitar in JT's hands
  • If there's talking about bringing sexy back

Take two drinks if...

  • If Chris Stapleton joins JT on stage to perform their new song
  • If Jimmy Fallon intros the halftime show
  • If that really recognizable 'Cry Me a River' instrumental starts playing
  • If someone at your Super Bowl party says they don't like Justin Timberlake

Finish your drink if...

  • Justin wears his Canadian tuxedo from his Britney Spears days
  • Janet Jackson shows up, you remember her right?
  • If Alicia Keys is secretly playing the piano

Finish all the drinks at your party if...

  • If *NSYNC shows up... preferably from inside the stage circa Destiny's Child
  • If Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears or any of the JT Mickey Mouse crew shows up
  • The cast of 'This is us' is on screen at all during the halftime performance, sans Crock-Pots
  • You don't want to wake up Monday morning

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