It's men like this that make America & John Deere great. This kind of ingenuity is why my hand is on my chest and the National Anthem is playing in my head.

Nobody ever wants to remove snow from the driveway unless it's your business to remove snow. I'd like to know when this hack entered this man's mind. Was it while sitting inside his warm home contemplating the task ahead? Or, was it while standing in the garage desperately looking for a way to use that John Deere you paid good money for.

I'm not new to being impressed with lawnmower hacks. Don't you wonder how this Roscoe man came up with this idea.

Roscoe Man Has Best Lifehack for Mowing Your Lawn This Summer

Now comes my new favorite. The timing on this hack is just perfect. Man buys a new big screen tv and puts the box in the garage until garbage pick-up day. It appears the snowfall hit before garbage day.

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