Imagine that, a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location that isn't a complete nightmare to visit.

Trips to the DMV in Illinois and other states are no fun. Long waits, crabby clerks and a generally unpleasant experience makes me wish I didn't need a vehicle.

However, there are some DMV's in the Rockford area that are better than others.

That is, if you trust what a bunch of Reddit users said when brbimcrying asked for the "least busy DMV location."

This is what the good folks at Reddit came up with:

  • Rockford CDL at 4734 Baxter Rd.
  • Roscoe Secretary of State Facility of Roscoe at 10631 Main St.
  • Rockford Sec. of State Facility of Rockford 3720 E State St.
  • Rockford Express at 3214 Auburn St.
This Place Is Considered The Rockford Area's 'Least Busy DMV Location'
Scott Olson, Getty Images

The winner (at least according to Reddit users) is the Belvidere location. The Belvidere Sec of State Facility of Belvidere located at 425 Southtowne Drive Road.

Regarding the Belvidere DMV, 98mystique3 says "Haven't been to Belvidere but have heard good things. Still though the time it takes to drive somewhere vs just sucking it up and waiting in line it might be a quicker trip to stand in line."

When you hear "good things" about any DMV, that makes it worth the drive.