If your plans this Sunday don't include a 'firewalk,' change them ASAP.

Happy February! It's beyond freezing outside and it's bound to be a cold, wintery month in the Stateline, but maybe you could add a little 'fire' to your life this weekend.

When I first discovered the 'Firewalk Tranquility Walk,' on Facebook, I immediately started thinking warm thoughts.

A firewalk must be super hot right? Maybe you're like burning stuff from your ex-boyfriend to welcome the full moon before Valentine's Day? Maybe lighting things on fire?

I was very wrong.

The 'tranquility' part should've steered me in the right direction but I think I was already daydreaming warm thoughts...

Instead, this walk is about calmly welcoming the full moon this weekend.

The Facebook event page explains the walk is about absorbing silence and peace as the full moon takes over the sky.

Klehm Arbotetum and Botanic Gardens is inviting you to:

Come out to Klehm for a guided walk through the woods that focuses on breathing, using your senses, meditation, and reflection.


Some important things to remember if you want to be a part of this Firewalk:

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