Yeah its Summer, but Halloween and Fall will be here before we know it.

Spoiler alert -

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Did I just ruin your Halloween plans? I might have a little. I know it would've been way better news to see 'Friday' or 'Saturday' instead of 'Thursday'. So an online petition is aiming to do just that. This petition wants to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October. The site details -

It's time for a Safer, Longer, Stress-Free Celebration! Let's move Halloween to the last Saturday of October!


They give a lot of statistics backing their movement, like this one for example -

51% Of Millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday, why cram it into 2 rushed evening weekday hours when it deserves a full day!?!

I'm honestly on board. I think it's an amazing idea and clearly so do 57,000 other people! You can read more about the petition and sign it here.

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