When it comes to planning a vacation, it's hard to imagine that anyone would purposely plan to come to Illinois; but according to NBC Chicago, lots of people do.

In fact, three cities in the Land of Lincoln made Expedia's list of top-rated vacation destinations in North America.

Out of the top 50 cities, Chicago was the top ranked of the three, coming in at number 18.

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"Iconic buildings, parks, hot dogs, and sports stadiums are just a few of the reasons you haven’t really seen America until you’ve been to Chicago."

Followed by Rosemont at number 21;

Rosemont Public Safety Department
"Edward Marshall" of the Rosemont Public Safety Department via Facebook

"Its hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options make it a prime spot from which to explore the region."

and Schaumburg took 24th place.

Village of Schaumburg, Illinois via Facebook
Village of Schaumburg, Illinois via Facebook

"Grab a bike and cycle to the farmers market, Prairie Center for the Arts, and Trickster Art Gallery before cruising the miles of biking trails that run through this charming village."

Huh, no mention of shopping sprees in Schaumburg? Surprising.

Not surprising was number 1- Wailea, Hawaii.

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And a big shout out to my hometown, Minneapolis; the Minnie Apple came in at number 12.

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Knowing that the survey was based on comfort, cleanliness, quality and friendliness; are you surprised that these three Illinois cities ranked so high on the list? Here's something to think about- the list started with 4600 cities and was narrowed down to the top 50. Not bad, Illinois; not bad at all.

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