When you're looking for something fun to do in Rockford during the winter, the options are pretty scant.

Just like everyone else, the best thing to do is hibernate when it's cold and snowy but what about when you start getting cabin fever?

Turns out, LaserQuest on Perryville currently offers three different escape room options called Vacation Vandals, The Cellar and Detention.

I've never been part of an escape room before, and this sounds totally awesome.

In particular, The Cellar sounds super creepy:

A psychopathic serial killer has been terrorizing the neighbourhood. Several victims have been abducted leaving behind only chilling and hollow remnants of what was once their cherished lives.

Now, you find yourselves as the latest victims. The killer has taken you to a dark cellar where you too will… breathe your last breaths unless you are cunning enough to escape.

Untangle the sinister and nightmarish clues to unravel this tangled web of mayhem and chaos."

This is how the escape rooms at LaserQuest work, you choose your themed room, and you have 45 minutes to solve puzzles using logic, knowledge, communication and teamwork in order to receive the key you need to get out of the room says the KeyQuest website.

After reading about the escape rooms, I thought "sounds fun, but how much does it cost?" The rates are $15 per person, and when you compare to the price of a movie ticket, it's very similar.

As a father of young boys this sounds like something right up their alley. Knowing what I know now, I'm pretty sure my oldest son will be having his next birthday party at KeyQuest.

Have you been to the KeyQuest escape rooms at LaserQuest? What's your favorite theme? Tell us!

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