The word from Illinois Governor Pritzker, under the recommendation of the Illinois Department of Public Health, no downgrading expected for next few weeks.

As COVID-19 numbers throughout the state of Illinois continue to surge, the big concern now is what can be expected after many ignored recommendations to stay home over the Thanksgiving holiday.

"With the advice of IDPH and other infectious disease experts, no region will be downgraded from our current Tier 3 mitigations for the next few weeks even if they might be on track to meet those metrics," Pritzker said.

This news really angers me. I miss doing things just as much as anyone else. But, WTF people? Is it really that hard for you to properly wear a mask, and stay away from crowds? A lack of adherence to a few simple precautions is why Tier 3 mitigations won't end anytime soon. A decision to say, "to hell with all this social distancing nonsense" and get your party on is going to kill more small Illinois businesses and people.

"We are still very much in a precarious place, and we have got to take the time to evaluate any Thanksgiving effect before we make any premature adjustments."

When Governor Pritzker made the above statement, I started thinking very seriously about what restaurants, bars, and businesses in the Rockford region, just won't be here to start the new year.

Whether you agree with the amount of restrictions in our state, or not, you know there are still millions who just won't do what's necessary to help control the spread of COVID-19. If it's you, do you know that your defiance isn't helping anybody? How long do you think it will be before the virus infects you, or kills someone you love? The virus has already killed people I love and also made my wife incredibly sick.



For a complete look at the continued Tier 3 mitigation restrictions for each industry, click here.

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