You know how the story goes in a small town, everybody knows your business. Who is the Illinois' newest millionaire? That's the answer everyone wants.

Illinois Instant Lotto Millionaire

What a difficult secret to try and keep, that you just won three million dollars on an Illinois Instant Lotto scratch-off ticket.

The gas station where the luck ticket was sold is already talking about how they're going to spend the loot they get, too.

The lucky ticket was a "200X Payout" Instant lottery ticket.
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Big Money in a Small Illinois Town

I wish that were the headline of a story about me. I'm probably not alone in the wish for a $3 million scratch-off win.


Someone in the small town of Woodhull, Illinois just won $3 million from a scratch-off Instant lotto ticket, according to a story from

The lucky ticket, a "200X Payout" Instant lottery ticket, was sold at a BP gas station at 111 NW 5th Street in Woodhull, about 30 miles southeast of Moline, and 65 northwest of Peoria, according to a release.

“It’s so surprising to me that our local, little gas station sold a ticket that won such a big prize," BP store manager Jennifer Damer said in the release.

We are the go-to stop for many townfolk, including farmers who live nearby and truck drivers passing through.

The winner has not been identified yet, and that has the town of just over 800 wondering who it could be.

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You wouldn't think news like a lotto win would take too long to get around a town that small. I wonder if it could've been a truck driver passing through western Illinois, as Jennifer mentioned.

How Much Money Does The Gas Station Get for Selling Winning Illinois Lottery Ticket


For selling the winning ticket, the BP gas station gets a one percent bonus of the prize amount, which in this case would be $30,000.

The owner of the gas station said some store improvements would be nice but that sharing the bonus with his 7 "loyal and dedicated" employees was the most important.

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