It might be too hot and sticky at the moment to do anything more than drive around to somewhat enjoy the summer.

Thankfully, Thrillist put together, well, a list of the most scenic drives in America.

On the list, is Grandview Drive, located here in the Land of Lincoln.

Thrillist says "Grandview is a relatively short stretch of road, but along it are some of the nicest homes in the state and outstanding views of the Illinois River. In 1910 Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed it “the world’s most beautiful drive,” so it has that going for it too."

Since it is so short, you may actually miss Grandview Drive.

I believe the Grandview Drive Thrillist is speaking of is in Peoria, making it a roughly two hour trip from Rockford.

It might be a haul but consider the alternative. At Grandview Drive in Peoria, you're at least going somewhere, in an air-conditioned car, and when you're finished you can actually say you've done something.

Summer completed, without breaking a sweat.

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