When it comes to stress, heart ache and shark week (only the ladies will get that last one), I've always turned to the two most faithful men in my life...no, not my boyfriend and my son; Ben and Jerry.

They've been there for me through some really tough times, but unfortunately; mostly for health reasons, they've been replaced. Sorry guys, it's nothing personal; it was just time for me to move on to something that fit my active lifestyle.

Have you ever tried Halo Top ice cream? I'm pretty sure they call it that because it truly is heavenly. Somehow they've managed to create a dessert that's low-sugar, low-calorie, low-carb; it's packed with protein, and yes, it tastes delicious.

Another plus- I know exactly what's in it; I can read everything on the back of the label; I can't really say the same about Ben and Jerry's- which apparently has traces of herbicide in it.

According to the New York Times there is a list of foods that have tested positive for glyphosate, the main ingredient for the weed killer Roundup. The most shocking was Ben & Jerry's.

It was found in 10 out of 11 flavors:

Vanilla (2 samples) 0.05-0.25
Half Baked 0.05-0.25
Americone Dream 0.05-0.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 0.05-0.25
Phish Food 0.42
The Tonight Dough 0.42
Peanut Butter Cup 0.57
Peanut Butter Cookie 0.91
Chocolate Fudge Brownie 1.74

The test results in parts per billion.

But, please don't be alarmed; the Times says,

"The levels of glyphosate found in Ben & Jerry's ice creams are, indeed, small, according to government regulators and the scientists who did the testing."

Let me put it to you like this, the Organic Consumers Association says that a 75 pound child would need to eat a staggering 145,000 8-ounce servings a DAY to hit the limit enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency. I don't think anyone could eat that many servings in their lifetime.

If you'd like to learn more behind the science, click here.

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