When you can't even run a lemonade stand without the fear of getting robbed, something is seriously wrong.

Nathan Peterson on Facebook shared the heartbreaking story saying, "The robbers were slightly older kids. They flashed a gun, but we don't know if it was real or not."

The incident happened in Peoria, a couple of hours south of Rockford and Peterson later in the post went on to praise local police enforcement and others in the area.

Here's why:

The outpouring of support was so great for the two kids who lost all their dough, Peterson said "the boys left with more money than what they would have had."

That's not all though, someone started a Facebook Fundraiser for the kids and have raised over $2500 so far.

It's an ugly story that ended up working out for both of the kids and a great example of a community lifting each other up.

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