Hi, it's me, Michelle, sweating through my clothes while I type this to tell you about what I'm feeling having COVID for the second time. 

Let's take it back.

You know to your favorite time in recent history, March 2020. The first few days were fine but that second week in things were getting weird. They were weird for me too because I couldn't breathe normally. I was probably the first person you knew who had COVID.

I was sent to the middle of nowhere to take a test on March 27, 2020 and didn't hear back until April 5 that my test was positive. Isn't that bananas?

Because... fast forward to yesterday, when I woke up after an entire night's lack of sleep from coughing and sweating through my clothes well aware that I had COVID again and I swabbed my own nose and found out 15 minutes later in my own kitchen that yep, I had COVID again.

And I feel like I feel worse than I did the first time I had it.

This time around, my body hurts just like it did two years ago, my lower back is like fatigued from absolutely nothing and I'm super tired and I have a cough but this cough is way worse. It's accompanied by a massive cold and a ton of yellow garbage coming up and out of my nose and throat (sorry TMI). Not only that, I can't sleep at all because of it so I'm over here just not sleeping and not healing.

And last time I was sick I had just one sweaty fever day... this time I'm already at 2+ days... though to be fair it's like really hot out, but I know this is internal sweat.

Have you actually had COVID twice yet? Are you vaccinated and boosted and still feel like garbage? Would you like to send me an iced latte to make me feel better?

Mostly kidding about the last one. Thanks for listening.

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