Yesterday, as I'm snuggled up on the couch with , I began to hear a tapping on the windows.

That tapping turned into what sounded like hard-whispering liquid laughter as the sleet and snow began to whip into my window panes.

I peered through the windows to take a look outside and it was disastrous. Plastic bags hung in the branches of our tree like Christmas ornaments, trash was scattered throughout the neighborhood, and then there was this....

People of Walmart
Michael Swedlund via Facebook

Tumbleweaves were spotted in various locations around Rockford.

Michael Swedlund spotted this one in the parking lot of Walmart on East Riverside. Others were spotted down on 19th street.

It's really hard to tell, though, if this is road kill, collateral damage from a parking lot brawl, or a tragic casualty from the wind.

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