Besides bar food, is there more agreeable food on the planet than Italian food?

Some Italian restaurants also offer pizza, making it even easier to please even the pickiest (or youngest) eaters.

Upscale Italian Dining: Sapori Trattoria

You might want to leave the kids home because this place has fine-dining Italian food.

LoveFood says the best way to "Experience Italy" without leaving your home state is to check out this "Best Italian Restaurant."

Even the name of this restaurant sounds fancy. It's called Sapori Trattoria, Illinois' best Italian restaurant.

A Look Inside Sapori Trattoria

The upscale yet welcoming Sapori Trattoria is often named among the best Italian restaurants. Start with the calamari fritti and burrata platter, the perfect accompaniment to one of the restaurant's hand-crafted cocktails. Other menu favorites include spaghetti in red sauce with veal meatballs and Italian sausage, and pasta stuffed with lobster in a creamy sauce.

Rave Reviews for Sapori Trattoria

While LoveFood thinks highly of Sapori Trattoria, people online rave about the joint, like Ashley H., who called the place "an absolute gem."

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Jamie N. commented on the restaurant's look, saying, "Beautiful ambiance and a back patio," and mentioning that the service is "always great, and the food is top-notch."

A Feast for the Eyes: Sapori Trattoria's Pastas

Just look at some of the pasta they're serving up, like this Bucatini Carbonara:


Or this Rigatoni Caprese:


How about this Penne Cardinale?


All of the dishes look amazing. You can see them in person at Sapori Trattoria, 2701 North Halsted Street in Chicago.

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