To any woman who has ever been on a horrible date and wanted to disappear, this is the sign I think you'd want to see in the bathroom while planning your exit!

Imagine you're on a date with the absolute creepiest dude you've ever met.

He is giving off all kinds of vibes that don't feel good, like "Joe" from that Netflix show You.

What sucks about the scenario is that he didn't seem like a complete freak show until a while into the date. It's always easier to bail on a bad date when...not a whole lot of time has passed.

Woman rejecting a geek boy in a blind date

How to Escape from Your Nightmare Date

Do you pre-plan an escape with a friend before the date night even arrives? Maybe you have a special text you send to someone when you need immediate rescue.

Some dates may just not be the "vibe." And you need an easy get-out. Others... not so much

The reality is this world is filled with people who intend to do others harm. A bad date could very well be something as awful as another human who you get the sense wants to hurt you in some way.

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There's a bar in Texas called Frisco Bar & Grill and a friend of mine shared a photo of the sign this place has in their ladies' room.

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What do you think? Should that sign be in the ladies' room of every restaurant and bar in Illinois? Should a version of it be in the men's rooms, too?

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